100 things I achieved and learnt in 2020

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  1. Sonya Furlong says:

    Loved reading this list Lauren! Will do mine soon xx

    • Lauren Jobson says:

      I really enjoyed doing mine Sonya so I hope you enjoy it too. My hubby noticed how quick it took me too…it flows once you start. xx

  2. Roslyn says:

    Loved reading this Lauren. .Wow that is a lot that you have achieved and experienced. I’ll be doing my list soon. X

    • Lauren Jobson says:

      Thanks so much Ros for reading this. I am glad it inspired you to do the same. I know you would have some real goodies on it too! Enjoy the process!

  3. Interested in Paid Challenge workings. Didn’t know you did Astrology! No idea what Box Divvy is. Hoping your dreams for 2nd baby come true but know you are blessed regardless. I have my list of last year my memory in this year in mind! I need to get my website up at least as landing page and then will focus on generating leads and finalising workshops! I am just waiting on retrogrades and astrological calendar before locking dates in. Do you consider these when planning too Lauren? Lxo

    • Lauren Jobson says:

      Hi Lynda,
      Apologies on the delayed reply to this as I loved getting this and could only reply to it on my laptop.
      Firstly, we can have a chat about the paid challenge thing I did.
      Thank you so much re our baby number 2, it will be very exciting when it happens. I am feeling very positive about that journey this time and trusting the timing of the soul we will be blessed with.
      I am loving delving so deep with the power of astrology and our timing. I have my moon journals and will be intention setting etc with each new moon and more. I am about to sit down now and learn how to interpret my birth chart with what the planets will be doing this year. I haven’t timed my calendar in the past like this. I have scheduled my 4 terms and holidays and all my trainings are set. So I will now use astrology to see how best to use utilise my energy in my endeavours going forward. very exciting!

    • Lauren Jobson says:

      oh and Box Divvy is a an amazing way to get your groceries fresh from the farm and be connected to your community. Google if they do it in your area. It is when someone local to you receives everyone’s online orders for fruit and veg and then this person divvys up the orders to be picked up from the community. great value for money and fresh, amazing food.

  4. Loved this so much! 🎉❤️
    What a great idea and thank you for the mention too lovely 😊

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