Is it time to connect to your inner resources, reach your highest potential and truly transform your life? Most people are drawn to NLP because they want to make a change in some area of their life. In relationships, business, career or simply having a feeling of more energy and clarity about their future.“Truly life changing” “I can honestly say I’m a better person today as a result of the NLP Training” “I feel I have learned so much, I feel so much more confident…” “I most enjoyed the incredible transformation I experienced,…”These are just some of the comments we constantly hear from our NLP Prac training participants. What are YOU looking for?

Do you want to:

Get ‘Unstuck’ and move freely towards your goals?
Clear out your old self sabotaging behaviours and make that inner critic your ally?
Get past your own fears and frustrations easily and build your confidence instantly?
Be empowered with the best Communication Skills for when it’s time to get your message across?
Have more powerful ways to motivate yourself and others?
Be more resourceful when dealing with others’ resistance or objections?

I want to tell you about the NLP Practitioner Training, one of the most powerful set of tools you can have in your life toolbox to effortlessly expand your comfort zone, rid yourself of unconscious blocks & limitations!

Chances are you have already done other personal development and you know that you can achieve what you believe is possible, you are capable of and you feel you deserve. You know your mindset is the most crucial success factor no matter what your endeavour.

So learning how to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are critical. You probably know a lot already about what you SHOULD be thinking, however that doesn’t mean you always DO and sometimes doubts, fears and that relentless inner critic can make enormous demands on your willpower.
You find yourself pushing on regardless, but sometimes it just feels like hard work. 

What if there was an easier way to move forward by removing all those doubts and turn that inner critic into an encouraging friend? 

Well, now you can! All you need are the tools that allow you to effortlessly change your mind and keep the change! And that’s exactly what the NLP Practitioner Training gives you. 

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

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This program is about understanding how you personally, as an individual, are Masculine or Feminine and what that mix of masculine and feminine is for YOU. Not the mix that has resulted from parental programming or that which is expected by society, but that which is truly who you are and how you want to express yourself in the world.

This unique program enables participants with the skills and tools to understand:

Clearing Parental Programming that can drastically improve all areas of life including your relationship to money, career, and relationships

This allows us to Clear and Resolve;

Negative Emotions Clusters
Negative Beliefs and Values
Negative Behaviour Clusters
Inner children who are stuck back in the psyche of unresolved past selves.

Downloading Ideal Parents
Universal Mother – allows us to access Love, Creativity, Nurture and Understanding  – and more
Universal Father – allows us to access Power, Organisation, Boundaries and Confidence – and more

Accessing Your Own Relationship to:
Femininity and Masculinity
Love and Power
Creativity and Order
Receptivity and Outgoingness
Nurture and Courage

Passion and Purpose Coaching is the most extraordinary program for helping people find their Passion & Purpose.

Learn how to access your Archetypal Purpose, the ideal of what you can express in the world.

Learn to set clear concrete goals that allow you to take action in your world that are truly aligned to your unique path of who you are and what you really love! 

Be able to combine your career or your business with your Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose Coaching can help make your current business more in line with your Passion and Purpose.

You’re not meant to be just doing one job, you’re meant to have a calling or a career path that is really linked to the deepest aspect of who you are. The great thing is that no matter what you may do for your work – if you can bring the essence and energies to who you really are – then you can be passionate and on purpose no matter what! 

We help you find your Archetypal identity and connect that to your Passion and Purpose.

Evolve Now! Level 1A
Passion & Purpose Coaching

Evolve Now! Level 1B
Masculine & Feminine Coaching

Evolve Now! Level 1C
Matrix Therapies™ Coaching

Looking for your own Personal Development? Want to take your coaching to another level?

This program is designed to enable you to take a client from the very first session, an introductory session, how to take a Detailed Personal History, right through every single session that you do with the client in a 6-week program of coaching in order to get an outstanding outcome.

A 3-day course to heal anger, sadness, fear and guilt, elevate self-worth and self-esteem, silence your inner critic, and stop self-sabotage.

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